Yo sometimes you gotta wait till you older. Childhoods are to be cherished for the main reason being there won’t be another one for you to have but sometimes your childhood can be a pain in the ass. For me it started with a speech impediment people constantly made fun of the way I said “chicken” and a host of other words. One time in kindergarten I tried to repeat the old Lipton Brisk Tea commercial by saying “That’s Brisk Baby” and another punk ass student said “oooo he said Bitch”. I never said that and what made it heartbreaking is the teacher believed the student I hated that teacher, the school, and the class till this day.

 But as I grew older my speech impediment went away even though people now say I talk country which I don’t . People can be so stupid sometimes.

 Also, I remember when I was younger and people would always try to act cooler than life saying anime wasn’t cool and was for lames. Back then you would keep anime stuff to yourself unless you wanted to be scolded by your peers . But as we grew older, no one started to care anymore. Even now me as a 26 year old young man in law school, still watches and discusses DBZ, NARUTO, etc like I’m still 12. It what’s I enjoy so who gives a damn what people think.

 Finally, people always used to mispronounce my name I mean they said it ATROCIOUSLY, it almost deserved a slap from me maybe even a bullet lol. However now that I’m older people surprisingly say my name right on first try they say it correctly so much it makes me think what the hell was going on while I was younger.

 So as a young buck sometimes you have to charge things to the game until you’re older. A lot of things don’t change until your age does.