Today, I was blowing money fast and when I tried to make a significant purchase my card was declined. Even though there were sufficient funds in my account my card was being constantly declined most likely due to a spending limit. I then had to do a bunch of stuff to get around that spending limit and still ended up making the purchase I wanted to.


   Which brings me to my point of how when limits are reached they can always be surpassed. Typically the body/mind has its sets limits and we're restricted to those limitations. But in situations where being bound cannot be tolerated we are forced to dig deeper in order to accomplish our set goal.

   Comparative to the latest episode of Dragonball Super, Goku was forced on the ropes and it seemed he could not go on. However as he thought about how the whole universe is dependent on his victory, Goku dug deep to unlock his new technique that forced his own limits to be surpassed. 


    As the old saying goes when you wanna do something bad enough, you'll find a way to get it done. Limits much like rules are things that are meant to be broken, see how many you can break.





With the recent announcement for one of Ralph Lauren’s most coveted pieces returning ,

I was quickly reminded on the power of nostalgia.


Over the years Ralph Lauren had wisen up to what resellers and thrifters already knew: nothing is better than the classics.


The main reason a simple jacket with the words “SNOW BEACH” can become classic is the emotional attachment.

When I see SNOW BEACH I think Raekwon, the Lo Life Gang in New York, old catalogues, all the things that reminded me on what made Ralph so cool.

Being such a big corporation it can be difficult to keep the mainstream intrigued especially with the severely eccentric trends of today.

So when in this predicament, what should be done? A proper return to the classics of course.

Unfortunately people tend to live and dwell in the past always thinking the previous is better than the now.

Corporations can easily capitalize on this emotional investment by simply returning to what caused them to be so beloved in the first place.


Think about how Retro Jordans are sold to the community at a rapid rate and the only thing changing are the colors.


The new Jordans (i.e. Air Jordan XXXII) doesn’t have that much appeal because Michael is no longer in the league and there’s really no story behind it. Which is why often times you’ll see the latest model paired up with a classic silhouette to give it more of fighting chance to sale.


The riveting stories of his championships and triumph creates the undying need to still buy the same shoes over and over again combined with the social status of the shoes and you have an endless loop of emotional dependence.

Nostalgia wins every time because the one thing humans would love to have access to is the ability to go back and if a shirt or a pair of shoes can give us any ounce of that access well got dammit we don’t mind paying the fee.





 They’re a million problems in the urban community but for the sake of this article, we’re going to emphasize the lack of “encouragement “.


 It is true that the start to transformation begins with self but in many cases a push from someone in a respected position of authority can lead a once misguided fool to a path of enlightenment.


STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON, Available for rent/purchase on iTunes ~

STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON, Available for rent/purchase on iTunes ~

 Take for example Jason Mitchell. Jason Mitchell is an actor whose breakout role was playing Eazy-E (or Eric Wright its all the same[that was an Eazy lyric] ) in the film STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON.



 During his promotional run for SHOTIME’sTHE CHI, Jason spoke on how he made his way onto the acting stage.


 His transformation started with self when he wanted a change of scenery because his childhood environment was ridden in violence and poverty.


 Finding new friends was his goal and through acting this goal would be met. An instructor informed him there was something special about him and if he kept with it he could be something special.


 He kept with his craft and now he’s on one of the biggest cable television networks and is acting in cult classic films.


Written by Lena Waithe and starring Jason Mitchell, Sundays at 10 on SHOTIME

Written by Lena Waithe and starring Jason Mitchell, Sundays at 10 on SHOTIME

 Lena Waithe can serve as another example. She ended up writing one of the most critically acclaimed episodes in television history and was given encouragement by her 5th grade teacher to continue writing after being told how enjoyable her writing was.

Check out “Master of None” on Netflix Season 2 Episode 8 “Thanksgiving”  - Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series-

Check out “Master of None” on Netflix

Season 2 Episode 8 “Thanksgiving”  - Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series-


 Through her burning passion for television and writing, Lena has crafted a career anyone in Hollywood would be astounded to have.


 Imagine if these two artists were never given that extra push to be great. How different would their lives have been?


 Without proper support our hobbies would remain hobbies and we’d be forced to a lifestyle of mediocrity and disappointment.


 Everyone starts somewhere, first start with yourself, and you’ll be able to verify you’re on the right path when the right help start coming at the right time.





After pondering on a few options on what to do with my summer, I finally came to a consensus by way of an early morning, sitting in the dark, with nothing clouding my mind.

This led to an Eureka moment of how careful deliberation and decision making is probably most effective in a cool unoccupied state of mind.


A state which is difficult to achieve with our phone and other objects/people vying for our attention 24/7.

Being completely foregoing allows the mind to simply be and your brain does all the searching and weighing of the alternatives for you.


After sitting in patience after a while a conclusion will eventually be met and it would be one you couldn’t come up with while putting yourself under an imaginary pressure cooker.

So the next time you have a big decision to make, frantic pacing isn’t what you should be doing instead opt for a quiet place, take your mind off the situation and watch how the answer you seek comes as easy as an easy bake oven.





If you’ve ever tried to promote a blog or been in any type of media space, surely you’ve heard the phrase “Content is King”.

Well, today has truly instilled that “Context is King” per this example.

First, in a recent new group message (it seems like I’m in a 100 group messages now-a-days) someone whose number I did not have saved was speaking.


When I spoke, I was then hit with the question of “whose number starts with___(it was my number)”.

Before I replied I thought carefully of how I can reply because I wanted to know who the person is as well without my question being taken out of context.


If I simply said my name and only said “Who are you”, that combination was bound to make it seem like I was being Mr. Tough Guy, like “Yeah I’m Me and Who the fuck are you”?

But I simply stated my name alongside asking “who are you”, I let it be known that I did not mean in an aggressive/confrontational way.

In the end everyone laughed and my response read like a Goonies 2 script lmao.

Tempers flare, fists are thrown all over how something is said rather than what is said.

Learn to use discretion and a quick self-check can save a clear room from turning into a smoke filled fire fight.





Yesterday I made a critical step toward one of my goals and man did it feel good.

After a year of investments: Physical, Emotional, & Spiritual , those investments finally paid off.

Part of my goal was reached despite the naysayers and even against some internal conflict that arose within myself.

I’m glad that it took a while (even though, it felt like an eternity) to take such a victory.





  Delayed gratification is spoken about a lot in today’s social climate although it is hardly implemented.


   If each goal was attained as soon as it was pursued it would be like playing 2K on rookie mode. How fun is it knowing that victory is guaranteed 99% of the time.


    The payoff of having hours upon hours come together in one moment is worth extremely more than an instant flash of victory.



  It’s like seeing Naruto get to use rasengan after numerous episodes of him struggling and within those episodes being told that he couldn’t even achieve the technique that he practiced day in and out.


 Much like how Naruto steps to the rasengan start as minuscule and insignificant so does our process to success.


 Naruto had to try to burst a water balloon and rubber ball before being able to create a great ball of wind. That water balloon and rubber ball doesn’t compare to the power of pure wind in your hands, so why is it needed?


 The foundation of anything you hope to attain is the most important part of your success. Without a solid foundation whatever you build is bound to sink, be destroyed , or worse not even created in the first place.


 So as you progress through life’s journey remember all the toiling and sweating is not worthless and in vain it is just the bridge that connects an idea to physical success.






In this day and age legacy is formed just as much off the court as on the court.

Imagine if Jordan could’ve chronicled all of his pinnacle moments via social media, during his NBA reign. It would’ve made his status that much greater because we would’ve really felt like we was on that journey with him.

Now let’s turn our attention to Lebron and that’s exactly what it feels like is happening now.

This finally strike me on the head, when I seen Lebron’s post about time stamping his Zoom Soldier 11s as the “ejected game” 11s.


Since the beginning of the summer Lebron has taken us thru his journey of what he call his #SAVAGESEASON15. Through his displays of grit and godlike talent we’ve seen a Lebron that look like he’s out to accomplish something for the ages and nothing will go unaccounted for.

First you have Bron rocking out to Tee Grizzley’s first day out, which launched Lebron’s instastory being the stamp of approval for artists singles.


To relentless posting of his workouts, the inside jokes(Arthur fist meme), and to the now INFAMOUS, KING OF NEW YORK photo.

That Young Man Went to THE GARDEN [!!!!] and proclaimed himself as the KING OF NEW YORK!! 

That Young Man Went to THE GARDEN [!!!!] and proclaimed himself as the KING OF NEW YORK!! 

 Not to mention he called the active Chief of Staff a bum, who else does that?


 It is clear Lebron is substantially seperated from mankind in physical capabilities, but his active use of social media platforms (especially using them to combat injustice) makes the superstar feel that much more human, thus making him more connected to the people and his journey more intiment.

The king continues to strive for greatness, as we witness his attempt to capture his 4th ring in one of his most notorious seasons yet!