When it comes to the structure of power it is in the hearts of many people to be seen and recognized as the wielder of power. However power isn't solely built upon those who are in the spotlight, the foundation of power is analogous to a football team.'

 When it comes to football the quarterback usually gets the most praise, followed by the receivers, running backs, free safeties etc. but what about the kickers and the offensive lineman?


 Superbowls are won by field goals that the kickers provide and aged quarterbacks are privileged to prolong careers thanks to the protection provided by the offensive lineman but yet most children never aspire to be the people in these positions.

 The previously mentioned positions may not be as appealing as the commercial athletes but they are just as important if not more than the positions that are sought after. 


 When it comes to achieving goals you may have to do things you may not get as much praise for but they are still essential. It is the competence of the unpretty job that makes the spotlight so pretty.