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I recently came across an old Naruto panel, that featured Sasuke returning to his home village (Konoha).

His goal during that point in the story was to destroy Konoha, for using his brother as a scapegoat for a foul plan that involved the massacre of his entire clan.

Sasuke speaking with the previous 4 Hokages.

Sasuke speaking with the previous 4 Hokages.

Not being totally evil and still needing to be convinced, Sasuke has Orochimaru resurrect the previous hokages(that’s the show’s version of presidents)  to determine if he should destroy the village or not.

Each told their story about how they felt they went wrong and how their decisions led to today’s mess.

That story always made me think man it would be easier to make decisions if you could talk to those that already died and learned where they went wrong first hand.

[yes I know some people can think they can talk to the dead but they’re not talking to the dead they’re talking to “familiar spirits” but that’s discussion for another day].

If we could hear first hand from people like 

MLK or Malcolm X and ask them where they think their fatal mistake was or what would they have done differently,


It would help plenty people from making irrational, rash, and foolish decisions.

Much like how Sasuke talk with the Hokages deterred him from wanting to destroy his home village.

If it wasn’t for that conversation, Sasuke would have to do like us in the real world and simply observe people’s lives and study their every move to determine where things went astray.

They say a wise person learn from the mistakes of others but without a direct conversation we’re limited to what we can learn about them.

Which is why God probably made it so we couldn’t communicate with the dead. I believe our journey would be overly simplified and it would take away one of the key points of living, which is growth.

Now I must continue to observe those who have fallen every move to avoid their pitfalls but can’t act like  I don’t still yearn for an intimate conversation with them everyday so I can avoid rash, irrational decisions like Sasuke. (Never as extreme as Sasuke but you know the vibes).

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