-  Ludacris [Southern Fried (intro ] 

- Ludacris [Southern Fried (intro ] 

 After a little while of being in law school, I've noticed there is always an exception for everything. It makes you think, what is the point of general rules? I may have found the answer to that question.

 Rules are meant to serve as a guideline on how things should go. Lights are red, yellow, and green to regulate the flow of traffic. As we all know red lights are meant for people to stop at them. But what if you're being chased by a shooting maniac and its a red light in front of you, are you going to stop? Of course not! 


 See that's where our good friend exception comes into play. Exceptions also serve as a tool to help us look at things from more than one perspective. If kept on the same trail for too long it eventually turns into a dead end. How do we expand our paths? By extending the paths that are available to take and that is done through finding the exceptions in life.

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