Today was an evening of extreme study, which involved rigorous studying as usual. I am participating in lent this year and I was waiting for the clock to strike 12(midnight) so I can eat whatever I want ( you can eat what you gave up on Sundays) but in the mean time I kept studying. 

In my mind I rationalized that no matter how hungry I was the time I had to pass and I should keep working. That train of thought made me think about how people waste time and sit idle when the time is going to pass anyways.


More specifically, the issue of attending college comes to mind. People that I grew up often talked down on attending college and chose to “get to the money”. I never understood that I always said “4 years is going to past anyway you might as well attend college, especially if you don’t have a more solid plan anyways.” Then the time eventually pass and you realize you haven’t been putting in work, you just been waiting for the clock to strike 12. Even when situations are adverse, the grind must continue because when you’re able to finally eat it makes the meal that more satisying.

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