Exposure And Angles


  I was on Instagram and I saw another pair of Kyrie 5s on my explore page. I’ve been seeing Kyrie 5s a lot lately and now I’m at the point that I want a pair.

The most recent pair I’ve seen made me questioned why did I want a pair? And I realized after doing some reverse marketing on myself.


I came to realize that the combination of consistently seeing cool pairs with quality pictures is what made me finally want a pair of Kyrie 5s.

If you want a product to pop think about l two factors; Exposure and Angles.

Constantly keeping something in someone face while presenting it in a quality form can convince someone that it is time to make that purchase.


And Instagram (social media in general) serves as a good platform to constantly expose a product to the masses. If someone possess the ability to visually capture a product then there’s no limits to the amount of people that can be won over to support a product.

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