THE NIGHT BEFORE: The One Key to Preparation

THE NIGHT BEFORE: The One Key to Preparation

Most of my days require me to get up earlier than most which doesn't leave me a lot of time to lollygag in the morning. A key to my morning is the outfit of the day and I quickly learned that picking my clothes out the day of take too much time out my day and leaves me exiting the door way later than I want.


To combat those issues I learned to iron and set out everything the night before and when it comes morning time I can hop up the bed throw my clothes on and dip out.

Often times in our life we wait until we reach a heads on collision with our problem then we decide to react instead of being prepared. Most people fail to prepare properly due to the fatigue that the day has already brought which makes them put things off to the future instead of handling them in the here and now.


Trust me when I say you're going to thank yourself for doing those seemingly big tasks sooner than later. So make it a habit to avoid the habit of rushing and being pressed for time instead; do your due diligence the night before then, you can watch as your day go a lot more smoother than it would've before.


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