BOTTLE EXPLOSION: Taking Life as it Comes


Yesterday, I was getting out the shower and I went to put lotion on. When I pressed down on the bottle a sudden burst of lotion came out and it shot straight to my legs. I was like "well this worked out that's what I was going for first anyway". Then that sparked my mind and I thought this is how life is , something that seem like a mess actually ends up working out in your favor.


Even if the situation doesn't work out as perfectly described in my lotion story, you can still make the best out the mess life has dealt you. Think of when you squeeze too much sauce onto your hamburger, is your first thought to throw away the hamburger and start over? Of course not! You may wipe some off, lick it off or just take it as it is but you wouldn't discard it. Throwing away that hamburger would be like giving up on life. Just because we received more than we would have liked doesn't mean we stop the whole process of living.


Our expectation of life is everything will go smooth but we ought to expect twist and turns along the way, it's up to us to be equipped to deal with it.

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