MALFUNCTION and how to deal with it

MALFUNCTION and how to deal with it

Yesterday I was working on something really cool for next series of WELÇOME© ( AYYEEEEE SERIES 003 coming soon ) and my photoshop program kept shutting down after it was moving sluggish. I got a little frustrated because I was trying to bring this great idea to life but I had to reassess and do a double take on the situation.



When it seem like everything in life is going wrong it may be a good idea to pull back and start over (as opposed to giving up). My program would not act right so it would end my frustrations to save this task for another day but instead I chose to simply close it and restart it to attempt my project again.



It seems as if every time I try to give the world something new and creative technology finds a way to sabotage it. However no amount of sabotage in the world could've stopped me from going after what I set out accomplishing and in the end the toiling was totally worth it. Our lives always puts us in positions where we question "why can't anything seem to go right"? Soon after we've endured long enough, we learn to appreciate the grueling experience of disappointments and set backs which leads us to enjoy the fruits of our labor with gratitude and satisfaction.


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