With the recent announcement for one of Ralph Lauren’s most coveted pieces returning ,

I was quickly reminded on the power of nostalgia.


Over the years Ralph Lauren had wisen up to what resellers and thrifters already knew: nothing is better than the classics.


The main reason a simple jacket with the words “SNOW BEACH” can become classic is the emotional attachment.

When I see SNOW BEACH I think Raekwon, the Lo Life Gang in New York, old catalogues, all the things that reminded me on what made Ralph so cool.

Being such a big corporation it can be difficult to keep the mainstream intrigued especially with the severely eccentric trends of today.

So when in this predicament, what should be done? A proper return to the classics of course.

Unfortunately people tend to live and dwell in the past always thinking the previous is better than the now.

Corporations can easily capitalize on this emotional investment by simply returning to what caused them to be so beloved in the first place.


Think about how Retro Jordans are sold to the community at a rapid rate and the only thing changing are the colors.


The new Jordans (i.e. Air Jordan XXXII) doesn’t have that much appeal because Michael is no longer in the league and there’s really no story behind it. Which is why often times you’ll see the latest model paired up with a classic silhouette to give it more of fighting chance to sale.


The riveting stories of his championships and triumph creates the undying need to still buy the same shoes over and over again combined with the social status of the shoes and you have an endless loop of emotional dependence.

Nostalgia wins every time because the one thing humans would love to have access to is the ability to go back and if a shirt or a pair of shoes can give us any ounce of that access well got dammit we don’t mind paying the fee.