If you’ve ever tried to promote a blog or been in any type of media space, surely you’ve heard the phrase “Content is King”.

Well, today has truly instilled that “Context is King” per this example.

First, in a recent new group message (it seems like I’m in a 100 group messages now-a-days) someone whose number I did not have saved was speaking.


When I spoke, I was then hit with the question of “whose number starts with___(it was my number)”.

Before I replied I thought carefully of how I can reply because I wanted to know who the person is as well without my question being taken out of context.


If I simply said my name and only said “Who are you”, that combination was bound to make it seem like I was being Mr. Tough Guy, like “Yeah I’m Me and Who the fuck are you”?

But I simply stated my name alongside asking “who are you”, I let it be known that I did not mean in an aggressive/confrontational way.

In the end everyone laughed and my response read like a Goonies 2 script lmao.

Tempers flare, fists are thrown all over how something is said rather than what is said.

Learn to use discretion and a quick self-check can save a clear room from turning into a smoke filled fire fight.