Yesterday me and my girlfriend (whoa that still looks crazy on paper lol) was at her house studying when she moved a table to other side to use as a desk. When she moved the desk everything but the kitchen thing came flying off of it. I was like “Dang you gon break the table before it even get over” ( or something to that sort) and thats when she promptly responded “ it made it though”. At that moment is when it clicked to me. It’s not as important as to what happens while you get “there” as long as you get “there”.

Most of the time in our lives we have things planned down to the tee. As ambitious people it hurts when a plan doesn’t go as flawlessly as you would have like it to. But here’s the things about plans: NOTHING EVER GO AS PLANNED. So as you move from one side of the room to the next you may lose a few things on the way but you’ll be able to say “I made it though” . #PEACE