This past week at the library I was super hungry and doing some intense studying for one of my midterms ( property to be exact). As we were getting ready to head home I wanted pizza so I contemplated on whether to just go next door and get it or wait till we get to the house to place an order for delivery. Getting it next door would have been cheaper but I would’ve had to walk with two boxes, my work bag, and my gym bag with my gym bag in particular being a bit heavy.

That’s when it hit me sometimes you gotta say screw being cheap and pay extra for the convenience. That same week I was taking the bus home to save money even though I should’ve just took an UBER/LYFT because I knew how tired I was and how bad I wanted to get home. But I chose to be  Cheap McCheaperton and ended up having one of the worst bus experiences ever! Some guy who appeared insane, randomly started to adjust my tie, claimed that I knew him, and he was talking to a bush like he 2018 Moses. 

On top of that my bus never came and I had to pay surcharge in Uber fees because of heavy traffic from a football game. All in all when you feel it in your gut bones that the convenience outweighs the cost just get off the cheap train and go ahead and cough up those few extra coins.