Today, I was blowing money fast and when I tried to make a significant purchase my card was declined. Even though there were sufficient funds in my account my card was being constantly declined most likely due to a spending limit. I then had to do a bunch of stuff to get around that spending limit and still ended up making the purchase I wanted to.


   Which brings me to my point of how when limits are reached they can always be surpassed. Typically the body/mind has its sets limits and we're restricted to those limitations. But in situations where being bound cannot be tolerated we are forced to dig deeper in order to accomplish our set goal.

   Comparative to the latest episode of Dragonball Super, Goku was forced on the ropes and it seemed he could not go on. However as he thought about how the whole universe is dependent on his victory, Goku dug deep to unlock his new technique that forced his own limits to be surpassed. 


    As the old saying goes when you wanna do something bad enough, you'll find a way to get it done. Limits much like rules are things that are meant to be broken, see how many you can break.