One of the hardest working men in show biz, 2Chainz continues to come with undeniable fire. The release of his recent EP "THE PLAY DON'T CARES WHO MAKES IT" made me think of an undeniable strategy for people to use in their everyday life.

  https://tidal.com/album/84318593  - LISTEN ON TIDAL

 When artists drop an EP it usually to build anticipation for an upcoming album. Once an EP releases the goal is that one of the songs pick up steam and build towards the momentum for the upcoming album release.

 That exactly what happened to 2Chainz, with his "PROUD" record. That song is clearly the stand out and it definitely make you want to hear his upcoming album (Rap or Go To The League).

 An ordinary person can drop their own EP by trying their hands at different occupations. If a person has a broad understanding of what they want to do but not an EXACT understanding of they want to do then it is best for them to try their hand at everything that interests them.

 Once you try enough things eventually something sticks just like 2Chainz single , "PROUD".

 It is ill-advised to not take action just because you may not have the momentum you want yet for your big move. Instead of dwelling on inaction it is best to drop an ep and EAT! 


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