It is true value is determined by perception but perception can be quite misleading. The other day I was washing and I had a bunch of quarters in my pockets. I was just filling up the machines with quarters then, when I reached in my pocket, I was surprised to see that I only had like two quarters left.

I was like “man I just had all these quarters where did they go”? The quarters felt abundant but I probably didn’t have any more than five or six dollars in my pocket.

The quarters led me to think about we can think have so much of something but really it means little. Just because you have more in quantity doesn’t mean there is more in quality.

(I really hate the quantity over quality saying because it’s used by people as an excuse to why they can’t produce anything worthwhile but that is besides the point).

Life give us “quarters” in many forms to help us think about correctly assessing what is valuable and what is not.

Also, the quarters can be used as a lesson for splurging. You may dig into your pocket feeling mountains of currency but then it gets shallow and shallow until you end up with nothing. You always have to keep note of your situation at all times because you don’t wanna end up like me and have the “where did all my quarters go face”?

*what do a “where did all my quarters go face” look like? I will not provide an example but you can imagine it looks filthy and disheartening.* 

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