After these ridiculously hard finals, I had to take a mandatory 82 hour nap (extreme boost, but you know the vibes lol). However reflecting on the preparation of finals, my appreciation for audio learning went up extremely.

During the study sessions for finals, I would always think about the infamous line spat by elderly people, “If you can learn those lyrics, you can learn those _______(fill in the blank)”.

Then, I thought about why could I remember those lyrics? Because sitting down listening really made all the difference. When I’m reading notes sometimes I can get caught in a daze. I would still be reading but if I’m too deep in the daze then I WON’T be comprehending. 

With audio, the voice inflections and random noise help beat the redundancy of reading thus helping me remember more. In fact, for our MPRE exam (that’s an ethics exam for law students), listening to a review session, help me remember exact answers to certain questions.

When I seen the question, I said “oh I remember exactly what she said about this” and I was able to fill in the correct answer.

Also, it helped for my other exams, the audio triggered exact sentences they said that directly helped on my exams.

So if you need assistance in retaining information give audio a try. I don’t have the science to back these findings but I did just provide you with key examples from experience.

And doesn’t that count for something?

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