I remember when I first started my self improvement journey one of the first things I learned was not to reveal everything you know. For a while this made sense because well before WELÇOME© existed, me and a former partner of mine was trying to get shirts made and no one would give us info on how to get anything made. Probably because people were scared of competition and no one told them so they kept the cycle of ignorance going. So I thought that was the natural way of doing things.

Then as I started to accomplish more I began to notice, telling everything you know can’t work against you…if you’re a constant learner. How can you tell everything you know, if you don’t know everything? *minds explode*

People who are scared to share information, may seem threatened by the person who seeks the information or may believe the knowledge they hold is scarce and everyone shouldn’t have access to it.

Granted everything isn’t anyone business and its totally up to you to decide what people should be privy too. However this notion of people gaining a “1-Up” over someone or just using you information is sorta ridiculous.

Always keep in mind most times people aren’t going to use the information they seek from you, so it doesn’t hurt you to tell them because they lack the willpower/fortitude to act on the info anyway.

You can always tell when someone is serious, especially when you make it to a position where people regularly asks you for advice.

I’m not anywhere near where I want to be yet I still receive messages asking for advice on the regular basis. This idea of people “1-Uping” you can’t be fathomable if you keep yourself in active learning mode. Constantly improving is what keeps you ahead, not actively destroying those who seek t get ahead.

It may be a “dog eat dog” world, but there isn’t a need to move vicious all the time. Be willing to extend the helping hand because really the only one who suffer, is the fool who fails to act. 

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