You've heard the saying life is chess not checkers a million times(most people who used that term never even seen a chess board in real life). It's old but it stands true. I often play with my chess app on the highest difficulty at times to try and improve my skill. Today I decided to play on the easiest setting and work my way up in difficulty. I wanted to see how many games I could win by mindlessly moving pieces until I was forced to think and use strategy. I won every game until I put the game's difficulty at the midway point and I started to get my ass kick.


This shows that when people bullshit their way through life it eventually catches up to them. You do the bare minimum at your job because no one calls you out for it or you wing every exam at school never being dissatisfied as long as you receive a passing grade. As life progresses it will inevitably hand your ass to you much like the artificial intelligence of a computer chess game did to me.


Mindlessly navigating life with no direction only does a disservice to yourself, no one else! Eventually as you progress through life you will be exposed either you can learn to take the game seriously or continue a vicious losing streak. No one can make it off raw talent alone it take much effort, repeated losses, and an array of strategies to ensure victory on higher levels. Each move you make in life is similar to a chess piece on the board, think twice about thinking twice and go forth with the best move possible, taking all strategy and life lessons with you.