Every once in a while I go through my old drawings to track how far my improvement came. I was stunned to see my skill level go through a dramatic change over the years. It made me think that God's greatest gift is indeed progress. Knowing that in time things will inevitably change, its good to know that it's in your favor to wind up on the good side of that change.


Take for an example of how music is recorded in a studio. Years ago people would have to use actual plug ins and enough equipment to power a time machine. Now a days you can just have a mic laptop and a keyboard to make music that sounded like it came out of a fully furnished studio. Time is here to make things more proficient and adequate to our current circumstances. Imagine living with no electricity like the 1800s in today's time. I'll go as far as saying not improving in a stretch of time is a disrespect to God himself. All this time and you have nothing to show for it, what were you doing?!


Like every gift given from God it can only be appreciated if it is used in the right manner. It's time we use our biological clock wisely and our progress we'll show whether we used our minutes effectively or not.


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