Villainous Extremes

It’s unfortunate when people experience unfortunate events. When one is wronged it is natural to want to correct that wrong. But what happens when the victim becomes the victimizer? How far is too far? 

innocent girl turned cold-hearted, don’t be a victim of circumstance!

innocent girl turned cold-hearted, don’t be a victim of circumstance!

Yesterday I was watching an episode of The Flash, and the young lady wanted revenge for her parents murder. Not only did she want the woman who murdered her parents ( who did so by accident, her powers sparked an explosion she couldn’t control, she had no intent to hurt anyone) but she wants everyone with powers dead. Now she lives on the extreme side of “justice” and she is becoming the very thing she hates. 

When people lean towards extremes their cause is usually destroyed because it leaves no room for redress. The person takes an all or nothing approach that only takes away all their common sense and nothing gets solved.

Its like a personal dispute in my family. One person felt like another member came and disrespected their home. The disrespect wasn’t that extreme it was someone interfering w/ domestic disputes (stay out of couple arguments unless you really have to step in to discourage violence). But the one person went to the other member house and took things a whole different level. Now he’s on a crusade to disrespect her every waking moment he get until she apologizes for her disrespect. 

His crusade is now a lost cause because the extremes he acted on. Talking it out, allowing room for redress, would’ve allowed reasonable minds to differ and discuss. Now its foolish pride and a lost cause with severed relationships that may never be mended. 


When dealing with a wrongdoing the best course of action is a sensible approach. Talking it out, getting behind the reason for the wrong doing and other reasonable things. Veering into the deep extremes will only lead to more hurt and guaranteed the person you’ll end up hurting the most . . . is yourself.