Recently I was watching an instastory of Pharrell’s as he journeyed through Japan. I thought to myself “man this is really cool what he’s showing me I need to make sure I hit places up like these when I hit Japan “ and then “I thought holy crap this is what instagram is really for.” I believe instagram is a tool to help show people what their aspirations and goals look like in tangible form. By having an inside look they can better visualize desirable things for themselves. 

Although mostly instagram is used as an ego-driven instant gratification platform, I believe it to be more credible than that. Japan has always been a dream visit of mine due to how much I love anime and a couple of other things. Seeing Skateboard P expose so much of his routine, makes me actualize the same things for myself.

seen this floating around? This is the guy behind “SUPPORT BLACK COLLEGES”    👉🏾

seen this floating around? This is the guy behind “SUPPORT BLACK COLLEGES”


Another instagram user by the name of Kool.Kiy also serves as an inspiration. He is a talented young man who has his own successful clothing line, though people may not know him personally they have definitely seen his work before.


At time he may posts his sales by screen-shotting his Shopify notifications that shows an abundance of sales in short time periods. Now in the eyes of lames, fools, and hams this can be taken the wrong way very quickly.

However in the eyes of myself I see something that can also be for me. Him showing his sales and the process behind his craft allows me to visualize the same for myself and use his a success as motivation and a guiding light rather to hate on.

Next time while surfing thru the gram (which you’ll probably do immediately after reading this) think about each post that features one of your desires, as something that can serve as inspiration.

Like Meek Mill classic captions used to say For Motivational Purposes Only.